Monday, December 3, 2007

Confused Day

It was windy yesterday. Almost storm-like windy, but no rain. We really need the rain, everything is dry and droopy looking. We started our day at Home Depot getting our Christmas tree and apparently $160.00 worth of other stuff we couldn't possibly live without. But at least our checker was cheerful and efficient!

When we got home we put up more lights and tried to clean up the yards, but it was crazy because of the wind. While others raked and mowed I got down under the shrubs and pulled out handfuls of sprouting acorns. We have thousands of them hidden in the corners and under plants sprouting away. While we worked we enjoyed the sound of these totally perfect chimes that my brother made for me. Aren't they just too cute? They look perfect hanging there on Acorn Cottage.

After we finished the lights we stood back to admire them and realized this rose is still blooming like crazy.

So is it winter? fall? spring? or summer here Amongst The Oaks? I don't know. I think the wind just confused everything yesterday.

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travelbug said...

Great wind chimes.....I wish my brother would make some for me!