Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deck the Chairs

After reading Mary's blog I realized I like Christmas pillows too. We have a lot of red in our house so Christmas settles in quite nicely. Here's an old fashioned Father Christmas in the living room.

Here's an American style Santa Claus in the library.

Here's a pillow we got in Civita di Bagnoregio. It looks Christmasy too, doesn't it?

I keep these pillows in the living room all the time, so they're not technically Christmas pillows, but don't they look festive on those striped chairs?

And here is a fancy little pillow I got at a yard sale.

When we were younger we felt comfortable just plopping down on the floor, but now that we're of a certain age, it sure feels nice to sink into a comfortable chair and lean against a lovely pillow. So, here Amongst The Oaks, that's where you'll probably find us these cold evenings.

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I really like these tapestry style cushions, I have a few dotted around the place. x