Friday, December 14, 2007

Deck the Tube

Several years ago when we finished the Big Remodel, the Lord of the Manor built this box above the fireplace in the Library to hide the television. He framed it and put the doors on it and I always planned to paint a ship picture to finish it off, but I never got around to it. Well I finally did something about it! I found a picture and had it digitally printed and I stuck it on those doors. Then I trimmed it around the edge and slit it down the middle. Voila! a valuable old painting! (Please ignore that cut down the middle.)

While we're in here I'll show you some more Christmas stuff. Along the mantel I have little decorations that we've collected over the years. That little green rabbit is something I made several years ago. It's all cut out of wood. I have no idea why I made it. The next one is an old Santa from my MIL. I guess she'd had it for years before she passed it on. Next is a tiny fabric horse we bought our first Christmas.

Then we have another old Santa from MIL, an old block, and two little dolls. I have no idea where they came from, and they're not old, just cute.

I hope your Christmas plans and decorating are coming along nicely. I think we're about done here Amongst The Oaks. Now on to the baking and gift wrapping!

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Pippajo said...

That box to hide the tv is brilliant! That is such a fabulous idea! I think I'm going to print a copy of it to keep in my ideas folder for when we redo our living room (complete with fireplace). I've always liked the idea of putting the tv above the fireplace but didn't like the idea of having to see it every time I look at the fireplace (which would be a LOT). This idea takes care of that!

Your Christmas decorations are lovely, too! I STILL have to get the rest of mine unpacked, but tonight it the night, I can feel it in my bones! At least we did manage to bring our Christmas tree home this afternoon.