Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cooking Corner

Here's another "Corner of my Home".

This is my cooking corner. Here's where you can find me most often when I'm home. It's between the fridge and the stove and kind of out of the way. I've recently added a full spectrum lamp because my old eyes just seem to need more light. It reminds me of a boat because everything I need is right here or within a couple of steps. I'll also let you in on a little secret about this corner; the counters are a bit lower here because the floor in our kitchen is sooooo unlevel. When the Lord of the Manor installed the lower units he made the toe kick in this corner shorter to compensate for that, so I feel taller here, which is great because I am hobbit short.

I've got a window for view and fresh air, and next to it a spice cupboard. On the counter I've got canisters for tea, an old tin full of recipes, a cookbook stand, cutting boards and a tiny rubbish bin.

Just below I've got a cupboard for Grandma's mixer and a food processor and drawers for gadgets. Above are cupboards for bowls, platters, baking pans, and cookie sheets. More drawers on the right hold knives and pots and pans. And then there's the stove with my favorite burner and its ultra-low feature.

With everything I need why would I ever leave this corner? Well believe it or not, sometimes I get tired of cooking and just want to sit down and relax and that's when I move to Comfy Corner. (See below)

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