Friday, December 7, 2007

Deck the Lapels

I have this funny little thing I do every December; I decorate my lapels with Christmas pins. I don't spend much money on these little mood brighteners, but I really enjoy them. I think I have about a dozen of them that I've collected over the years and I'm always looking for more. Does anyone else do something like this?

That last one is not actually Christmasy, it's an old button that I found in Grandma's button box. I mounted it on two pieces of felt. Does anyone know what kind of button that is? I just thought it was too cute not to include here.


travelbug said...

Love the button pin! What a creative way to use it and the felt colors are perfect! Thanks for the idea.


Yes, one of my friends will always wear festive jewellery over the Christmas period. I love the little button, although very difficult to tell what it is made of, possibly resin or early plastic? x