Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deck the Halls

We finally finished our decorating last weekend. That included the Christmas tree, the Living Room mantel and garland, the Library, and the buffet and table in the Dining Room. Here's what I did on the Living Room mantel. The vintage birds are from my MIL. They have cottony bodies and paper wings. So cute. I used trimmings from the Christmas tree behind the candles, then added gold ribbon and tassels.

And you saw the scene next to my comfy chair, but Look! The little house has a fire. It's actually an incense cone under there, but it looks like a fire, doesn't it? We've had this for years and I'm still mesmerized every time I light it.

I'll probably be putting out a few more things in the next week, but basically I think we're properly decked out here Amongst The Oaks.

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What great lights you have on your place, and to get smoke coming out of your little house chimney is very clever! x