Sunday, December 2, 2007

Light up the Night

We did manage to get up quite a few Christmas lights yesterday. We got the white icicle lights up all along the front of the house, we got the four wreaths up on the windows and gate, and we scattered all the battery operated candles around the house.

These little things are great. The Lord of the Manor thought they might look dorky when they arrived here, but he has come to enjoy their subtle glow (and their automatic on/off feature). In fact, he asked me to get more!

Here's my kitchen mantle with the red transferware, bay leaves and old Christmas cards. And here's our a Santa elf guarding the kitchen twine.

It was cold yesterday so after we got done working outside we came in and made chili for dinner. So here we are lighting up the night and trying to stay warm Amongst the Oaks.

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Pippajo said...

We managed to get our outdoor Harvest stuff down and a few candles in the windows, but so far the inside doesn't look very festive. Maybe tomorrow night.

I love your transferware and am thinking I need to start asking for it for Christmasses and birthdays!

We had snow, then sleet, and finally several hours of freezing rain today so we employed a similar tactic to yours and warmed up with a big pot of heart beef stew. Ah, the comfort foods of winter!