Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Favorite Teacher

Several months ago our local paper had an article about a polling place. The woman featured was my teacher in 5th and 6th grade. I cut out the article and and tucked it into my June calendar page.

So today was voting day in California and knowing she would be there in her garage all day tending the voting booths, I stopped by on my way home. I told her who I was and showed her my 5th grade report card and we talked about the good old days.

She is 91 years old now, so back in 1965 she was only 48 years old. Isn't it funny how she seemed so old to me then, but she was younger than I am now? And she looks great; fit, healthy and sharp as a tack! What fond memories I have of 5th grade with "Granny Gritz".


Beverly said...

That was such a wonderful thing for you to do. I know you made her day, and I'm sure it made yours, too.

You both look fabulous.

I would love to be able to see some of my teachers again, but I daresay many of them have passed away. There were some that made such a positive mark on my life.

Dana said...

What a terrific story you just shared! Your former teacher looks wonderful. Wasn't she just thrilled to see you? Our perspective of "age" and what is old certainly changes as we age ourselves!

LOUISE said...

Yes the teachers did seem so old, and I often smile at the fact that back then they were younger than us now! It must have been a lovely experience to meet up with this lady again. 91 is a marvellous age, and she does look so well. x