Tuesday, June 17, 2008

White Flower Challenge - Day 17

Myrtus communis

I went by the park early this morning to take photos of the myrtle and look what I saw. There was a group of retirees gathered around the duck ponds feeding the ducks. They were chatting away having a grand time, visiting and enjoying the ducks. I thought it was so cute.
And the ducks were cute too. There were several baby ducks following along behind their Moms.

But back to the myrtle bush. It is a Mediterranean native and is commonly used as a seasoning. The leaves have a pungent aroma not unlike rosemary. It can make a large tree-like shrub with age. These have been here by the ponds for many years. I remember seeing them when I was a kid. Sometime I'll do a post on this particular park where I spent so many happy hours as a child; swimming, visiting the museum, making myself dizzy on the merry-go-round, winding the May Pole, and visiting the rose garden. Happy, happy days.


Beverly said...

I love myrtles, too, but I especially loved seeing the baby ducks.

We had so many ducks in South Florida, but you were constantly having to stop your car in the street to let them safely cross. I never tired of watching them.

Mary said...

Oh what a wonderful place, Laura! I'd love to hear all about your childhood adventures at the park. I'm really enjoying all the white flowers -- so pretty!

the homely year said...

The myrtle is very pretty...not a plant I know. Love the ducks!
Margaret and Noreen

Hollyhock Lane said...

It always makes me smile to see the babies following their Mamas!