Monday, June 2, 2008

White Flower Challenge - Day 2


Today's flower is pelargonium or geranium. Here in California, these are so easy to grow. A native of South Africa, they seem to thrive in our mild climate. They easily grow from cuttings stuck into the soil where you want them to grow. That's how these were planted 2 years ago.

In answer to Morning's question, I use Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) for my wands, but Lavandula dentata (French lavender) also works well. I suspect you are using Lavandula stoechas or Spanish lavender. It's fat flower spikes (topped with flaglike bracts) would indeed be difficult to tame. Try using 15 stems and staggering the flower heads so it isn't so fat. And really give them a good squeeze after you tie them together. You could also use 15 stems, but cut some of the buds off to lessen the bulk. I hope one of these suggestions works. Good luck.

English lavender - French lavender - Spanish lavender


Beverly said...

I've always heard that the first to bloom of any plant type are those with white blooms, and that white blooms last the longest.

Another beautiful bloom today.

the homely year said...

I have some pelargoniums in the greenhouse that I've grown form plug plants...they're ready to go outside now that the danger of frost has passed.
I really like the white ones...they glow beautifully at dusk.
Margaret and Noreen

Tara said...

You have wonderful blooms--white or purple!

Morning said...

Thanks for the advice -- I will try again and this time stagger the flower heads. I think I'm using English lavender, just really luxuriant flowers. I'll try to pick the smaller ones. If I work out how to do it, I'll take a pic and post it on my blog! I'll be so proud!

Barbara said...

Your photographs are superb and so clear.
I have a whole bed of Lavender, I love it.

LOUISE said...

Lavender is most definitely one of my favourite plants, mine are just coming into flower now. I really must get some white pelagonium, they must look fabulous at dusk. x