Tuesday, June 24, 2008

White Flower Challenge - Day 24

Pandorea jasminoides

Bower vine

We were driving back from BevMo the other night when I spotted this vine. Barely a block from my house, and I'd never noticed it before! It looked like a trumpet vine to me, but my book said they only come in orange, so I checked the section on vines, and there it was.

Its family, Bignoniaceae, includes tropical vines like all the trumpet vines and cape honeysuckle, plus trees like calabash, catalpa, and jacaranda, and some really weird plants like the candle tree and the sausage tree.


Beverly said...

What a pretty bloom. Are they fragrant?

Anonymous said...

Sunny greetings from Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

This white flowered species of P. jasminoidies looks like var. Alba, or more likely the cultivar "Lady Di". Most specimens are a light pink colour but all are perfect for the mediterranean climate in LA.