Saturday, June 28, 2008

WFC - Day 28

Campanula medium

Canterbury Bell

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about my White Flower Challenge. No such luck. I have only three more days, and I'm gonna go the distance!

This is Canterbury Bells, I think. Please someone who knows, let me know if I'm right. I got three tiny little plants at the nursery a few years ago. I planted them and kind of forgot about them, then the next spring they really took off. They grew to be 5' tall with huge stalks of purple, lavender, and white bells. They keep self sowing so I never know where they'll be next. The big black bees just love them and get completely lost in the large blossoms. They always make me laugh when I see them emerge covered in pollen.

As everyone knows, California has hundreds of wild fires burning right now. Consequently, our skies have been a dirty gray for over a week. The rising sun yesterday looked like a pink marshmallow. And the temperatures seem cooler. I know I shouldn't be happy about this, but it's making my flowers really happy, so I'm kind of happy too. Usually by this time of year, my garden is suffering from the dry heat, but right now everything is looking pretty good. Hopefully the skies will clear soon and we'll be back to normal. I just hope the cool temperatures remain.


Beverly said...

What an intriguing bloom! I bet the bees love this one.

Dana said...

It must be a mixed blessing with the fires producing the cooler temps. I know you are enjoying the beauty of your flowers right now--good for you!