Monday, October 20, 2008

Band Review Season

It's that time of year again. That time of year when high school kids (and lots of their parents) get up at 3:20, stagger to the school, get on the yellow buses, rattle down the road for a couple of hours only to arrive at another school where they get to
lift heavy stuff off the truck, change clothes in the parking lot, eat strange food at strange times,

practice, practice, practice, help and encourage each other,
and finally pull it all together for the performances. Great life leasons are learned at band reviews. Great friendships and great memories are formed too. Now if we could just teach that flute her left from her right, we'd be awesome.


Beverly said...

Oh, how I remember those days. Such wonderful experiences and life lessons.

Neabear said...

Oh, those were the days. We were doing that from 1995 to 2001. The pictures bring back memories.

dana said...

My kiddos weren't in bands in HS, but I was and I recall marching in parades. I especially recall hating it when we followed horses! :) dana

Kat said...

That looks like fun! I was played violin and didnt get to march...booohooo!
I stopped by to tell you that I got tagged and now you are it! Come to my blog for the rules if youd like to play along.

Pippajo said...

Oh Lordy does this bring back memories! As a former (who am I kidding) band geek, I spent MANY weekends doing this! Even the smell of bus fumes takes me right back to those moments. Oh it was so much fun!

Thanks for the nostalgic jolt and enjoy!