Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lunch at the Spa

We celebrated our anniversary at the Spa again this year. I talked about it last year, but I didn't show you our lunch, so today I'll show you the food.

Here is the Lord of the Manor's beet salad. It tasted as yummy as it looked.

Here is my pear and endive salad. The sweetness of the pear was perfectly offset by the bitterness of the endive, and accented by the richness of the blue cheese and nuts. Scrummy!

Here is the entree we shared. Pan seared salmon with polenta and ratatouille.

We managed to find room for lava cake for dessert. Then we waddled over to the spa for our massage. What a wonderful day.


Neabear said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful day for the two of you! Next year we celebrate 30 years.

Beverly said...

Happy anniversary.

You cracked me up with the waddling image.

Kat said...

Happy Anniversary!!

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Happy Anniversary ... this is just divine.

Martha said...

Hey there!

Happy Anniversary!

Can I have a bite of that beet salad??