Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Great Aunt

I went to visit this cute lady yesterday. She is my grandmother's little sister. There were eleven children; my grandmother was the second child, this woman was the tenth. She is my oldest living relative. Just take a guess at her age. While you think, I'll tell you a little about her.

She remembers my grandmother coming back home to live with them when she was just a child because grandpa found work nearby building a bridge. At that time, my grandparents already had three children. And the great-grandparents still had ten kids at home, so that's sixteen people in one house! Above is a photo of the family about that time. My great aunt is one of the little kids. My grandmother and grandfather are at the top right holding two of their three children. My mother wasn't born yet, so she isn't in the photo. My great grandparents are the two in dark clothes.
My great aunt has always had a strong personality. She remembers learning to drive in a boyfriend's car. When he asked her for a date, she said only if he would let her drive his car. She knew her Daddy would never teach her to drive, but she had a great desire to drive so she found a way.

Her first marriage was bad so she left him. That was unthinkable back then, but she quickly found another husband and they had one child. That husband died young, so she married for a third time. He died around 1985, so she lives alone now, but don't think she's lonely! She's always busy visiting with friends and relatives and she always seems to have a boyfriend. The current boyfriend occupies her weekends, so don't go to visit her on the weekend - that's reserved for him.

Did you guess that she is 80? or maybe 90? Nope, she is 97. And see her left hand there in the photo? See what she's holding? Her car keys. She still drives! I noticed when we finished lunch at the restaurant, she got her keys out even though I was driving. She's still sharp as a tack, so I don't think she was confused. I think she just likes to be in the driver's seat. And you know what? I want to be just like my great aunt when I get old.


Beverly said...

Oh my gosh, Laura. She is just beautiful. God has surely blessed her, and you're so lucky to have her in your life.

Brooke said...

Your great aunt deserves a "you go girl!" That is awesome!

Pippajo said...

What a blessing for you to have such a shining example of how to age gracefully, something so rare these days!

I have an Aunt Thelma just like her. She's 104 now and only slowed down when she went blind. But she's still sharp as a tack and spunky to boot!

They set the bar high, don't they?

Amongst The Oaks said...

I think spunk is the most important part. My great aunt certainly has (and always has had) lots of it.
I'm going to go be spunky!

Pippajo said...

ACK! You've discovered my secret (heh, some secret, right out in the open like that for anyone to click on)!

Do you think I'm horribly vain? Not to mention woefully unskilled at photoshopping?

Hee hee! Hope it didn't scare you too much when it popped up like that! It sure scared me!

Kat said...

Everyone should obviously be more spunky! Your aunt is beautiful and certainly doesnt look her age or act it thank goodness. Lets all be just like her. Thank you for sharing her story with us. You are blessed. I bet she has wonderful stories to tell too.

Neabear said...

Your aunt looks wonderful. It is amazes me when people make it to the mid to late 90's and still look great. I hope I can be that way.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

WOW! 97 and still drives? What good genes you have!

dana said...

What a gift you have---a wonderful aunt who is so active and beautiful!!!

Do you think the boyfriends add to the spunkiness or does the spunkiness attract the boyfriends?


Martha said...

97??? No WAY!

That old photo of the family is such a treasure!


Mary said...

What a terrific lady, and such a great role model! Love the old family photo, too. :)

Rhondi said...

Hi Laura
What a nice tribute to a great lady. Your aunt is amazing. I hope that if I make it to 97 that I'm like her!
Hugs, Rhondi

amariaf2000 said...

How I found your blog I have no idea but I like it! Your great aunt looks GREAT!