Monday, October 27, 2008

Homecoming Game

Ah the Homecoming football game. Here's the beginning of the game where they introduce everyone and do the coin toss. Since it was Homecoming, several old guys from the graduating class of 1958 were there. Hmmm, that would make them 68 years old. They trotted out onto the field for recognition too.
The game got off to a great start with our team quickly scoring a touchdown. And then a couple more. And then it was halftime, the real reason we go to the games.

The band and auxiliary took to the field, played the Star Spangled Banner and did a little routine.
Then the special awards for best carnival booth, best car, best sound system in a car, and worst car were announced. And guess who won that award? Our own little Teen1. She was so happy! It may not seem like that is something to be happy about, but she won gas and a carwash, so she was delighted.

And then the Homecoming Queen nominees were chauffeured in on fancy new convertibles by their daddies. They were all introduced and applauded, then the Queen was announced and crowned by last year's Queen.

We sat through another quarter watching our team romp down the field. Then we decided we would probably win, so we headed home. Cause we're old.

And the funniest part of the whole evening (for me anyway) was when the Lord of the Manor snuck through the handicap walkway just behind all those old alumni from 1958. The attendant didn't even question him. He blended in with those 68 year old guys. I walked up the stairs laughing and met him at the exit gate still laughing. Aren't Homecoming Games fun?


Neabear said...

Football games used to be a part of our life when the kids where in high school. And it was for the half time shows. Both kids were in the band. Our son on the trumpet and our daughter on the flute. Your post brings back memories.

Tara said...


Loved catching up on your posts here! I am back to posting and in healing mode. Can't tell you how much your care and concern meant-- you're so special!