Sunday, October 26, 2008

I've been tagged

Kat has tagged me to tell 6 quirky things about myself, but I just can't narrow it down to 6, so I'm going to show 6 things I collect instead. I collect these little buildings from places I've traveled. This one is from Venice.

I also collect old family photos. These are my parents, my grandparents, and the Lord of the Manor's great grandmother and great great grandparents.

And I collect mice. Here is a small section of my collection. I keep it in a glass fronted cupboard in my bedroom. I lined the shelves with old pillowcase edges that grandmother made.

I also collect pitchers.

And of course you know about the books.

Now this one is almost embarrassing. I have a few sets of dishes. The Lord of the Manor made these nifty sliding shelves to hold some of them. The others are in the buffet and china cabinet in the dining room...and there are some in the laundry room too. I also collect pillows and tassels and tablecloths and clocks, and artwork, but the rules said 6, so (whew!) I'm done.
I'd like to tag you right now. So if you are reading this (all 6 of you), consider yourself tagged! Seriously, it's fun, so give it a try.
Here are the rules for the tag:
1. Link me to your blog.
2. List 6 quirky things about yourself or 6 things you collect.
3. Link to 6 other blogs or pass on the tag.
4. And remember playing is optional. You can change the rules if you like.


Neabear said...

I like the way you did that. Cool! I have been tagged to do something like that. I just haven't done it yet.

Nan and =^..^= said...

I was just about to tag you for I was just tagged to tell 6 random things about myself and needed to tag 6 others and you were to be one of them 'til I noticed you have already been tagged.

I thank you for the comment you left on my new blog Shells and Roses and I have just added a 2nd blog: Furry and Feathered Friends.
Hope you can stop by both soon!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I love the slidy cupboard shelves - would make life so much easier for collectors like us.

I too have dishes in the kitchen cupboards, in the sideboard, in the buffet, in the china cabinet in the living room, on a shelf in the dining room and in the laundry room. And this is after I got rid of several (do I dare say 7) sets of dishes. I just adore them all and use them a lot. We have a set from my great-aunt, a set from my grandmother and several sets that are like the dishes we had when I was a kid. I have the same set you have on your second shelf.

Happy collecting - I love all your stuff - espcially the pitchers - I collect solid color teapots - they sit above the kitchen cabinets.

Kat said...

I love that you collect little buildings from your travels! The books I completely understand...yep I have a few too.
I also think its great to have lots of dishes to choose from. I know you must do some gorgeous tables settings.
Now maybe I need to go dig in that box of family pictures and display them.

Beverly said...

Fantastic response to the tag, Laura. I so identify with your "quirks". In fact, I so identify to the point that my house runneth over. ;-)