Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Color, Beautiful Color

I love color in my home, always have. When the Lord of the Manor and I were first married we bought a tiny bungalow that had yellow and blue tile in the kitchen so we wallpapered it in a lively blue and yellow and painted the cabinets blue. I thought it looked rather cute, but when my Mom saw it she said, "You could always add some white to the next coat." We didn't.

We had a lovely old Hoosier cabinet and an old meat block. We hung copper pans from the hood that the Lord of the Manor built over the old gas range. That kitchen was our first do-it-yourself project and we loved it. The rest of the house had boring white walls and we always meant to paint them, but then we found another house...
In that house we painted the living room blue and papered the dining room with blue and white. Our bedroom had pink wallpaper. The den was camel and terracotta. The bathroom had the original pink and gray tile. The kitchen had yellow, green, and orange plaid wallpaper (not our doing), and yellow tile. So that house was full of color too.

And now we live in a house with a yellow living room, red library, burgundy dining room, tan kitchen, one gold bedroom, one purple bedroom, one green bedroom, and believe it or not - white bathrooms. But something is being done about that. We are going to paint one of them robin egg blue. If I can just get the color right. First I bought some green and it was just wrong. Then I bought some blue and it was too bright. Then I started mixing the two

and came up with the color on the far right. I think it's the one, but what do you think? We have lots of white tile and all white fixtures in the room. The faucets and hardware are all chrome. The accessories can pick up the beachy theme. We have lots of shells that we've collected that could be mounted in shadow boxes to hang on the walls. We have some lovely old blue glasses that would match. And maybe I could make some shorebird "decoys" for the shelves. Your creative input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
~Posted by Laura dabbling in color again Amongst The Oaks.


Blondie's Journal said...


I think you are "spot on" with the third has personality! You are very smart to sample it on the wall. I just had my bedroom painted to blue to pick up the lake and sky. It has turned out a little more aqua than I had thought it would but luckily I am thrilled and it has given way to lots of fresh decorating ideas!!

I love all the pictures of your previous homes. They look very warm & inviting! :-)


tam said...

Totally diggin on the color on the left! Good job girl! I love paint-it's like sunshine in a can! Have fun~Smiles~Tam

Neabear said...

The color on the far right looks good. I like the blue too, but for your beachy theme you will probably be wanting the one on the far right.