Monday, January 26, 2009

Ideas Needed

My friend has a few of these things and is looking for ideas. She would like to repurpose them into something for the garden, but can't figure out exactly what to do. They are rusty and dented, about 3' tall and the roof sort of hinges off. They could be painted, stenciled, cut down, or maybe have holes cut into them. She thought maybe a planteror lantern? Any ideas? Extra credit if you can identify their original purpose.


Sulwyn said...

They reminded me at first of those vents that sometimes sit on roofs above heaters, but not really sure what they are.

How about turning them into "gnome" homes? Add a door and some windows with paint or cut them out and decorate, then let vines creep all over them. They'd look really cute all dressed up as little cottages!

With the hinging tops you could even make them useful for storing tools or old pots.

Minnie said...

They remind me of the containers we used to use to water our chickens and turkeys.

They would definitely make cute little "houses"

Blondie's Journal said...

Gosh, I just don't know what it is, somewhere between a smokestack or something Chinese!

If she is adept with power tools she could make a birdhouse/feeder/watering hole.

Hope this helps!!!


Neabear said...

It looks like they could have been bird feeders or feeders for some other type of animal. More food poured in through the open roof. Painting them would be good. They could be cute in the garden. Or back to using them as birdfeeders if they were feeders originally.

Neabear said...

Oh, and I am still giggling over your tossing the second tong behind the stove. I was giggling while I was driving to work this morning. I don't know why, but that just gets my funny bone for some reason.

Pippajo said...

They're chicken feeders, aren't they?

They look like they could be great birdhouses.

Lorri said...

They are chicken feeders

tam said...

Bird houses are a good idea. What I would probably do is add some sticks of some sort to raise the roof (so to speak)maybe paint it or treat it so they look like copper tops and make them into planters-plant some pretty flowering plants and hang them on the porch or patio!you already have a built in water catcher. If they were mine I would have a blst transforming them! Hope you post whatever they become it would be fun to see! ~Smiles~Tam!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Many of you guessed the original purpose; they were turkey feeders. I like Sulwyn's idea of gnome homes. And planters would be good. Thank you all for the ideas. I will pass them on to JB and see what she thinks. If we come up with something neat, I'll post it on a blog.
Hugs, Laura

Anonymous said...

Interesting! A turkey feeder. Cool! I was going to suggest using it as a bird feeder. ;-) Keep us posted on what your friend will eventually use them as.


MarmiteToasty said...

tiz a chicken feeder :)