Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teen2's Bedroom

Teen2's bedroom is almost done. The blinds arrived yesterday so we installed them last night. And it's looking very modern and dramatic isn't it?
This is how it looked just two weeks ago.
The blinds are silvery like her new "Pixar" lamp. You know the little lamp that dances around at the beginning of their movies? Doesn't that lamp look just like that? Now we just have to make new drawer fronts and solve the carpet issue. She is very happy with it and so am I.


Brooke said...

Very chic indeed! I love it!

Blondie's Journal said...

Very nice! It is no longer a chils room which must make teen2 happy!! :-)

Love the lavender color!


Neabear said...

That looks awesome! You did a great job with it.

Martha said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Those built-ins are FAB-OU!!!

Teacats said...

Looks wonderful! IF she ever wants another change -- a quick way would be to cover custom-cut homosote board -- cover with groovy fabric (maybe zebra striped?) and place in the back of the shelves. Fast -- and easy to change again!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage