Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Surprises

I always prune my roses in January. So last weekend I was out there pruning for hours and I found a few surprises. One was this pink rosebud. Even though the weather has been chilly, here is a rose still putting on buds!

In shady area of my garden mosses are starting to bloom again. Here are some on a stepping stone. I also find moss on the bark of the oak trees, on the roof, and directly on the soil. I like mosses, and often wish I had more.

I found another wonderful surprise in my friend JB's garden on Saturday. Look at those finches gorging on Niger seeds! They were plentiful and almost tame; I want to get one of those feeders. And in my own garden I saw these little birds clinging to the wall eating bugs I guess. I think they are bushtits.

Sometimes winter can seem a little boring. Maybe that's because we are all inside by the fire oblivious to what's happening outdoors. We'd probably be amazed at what's happening if we only got out Amongst The Oaks.


Anonymous said...


you have lovely pictures and so wonderful blog. nice that I meet you here.

tam said...

Great photos-and loved that post! Very inspiring! Yes we absolutely need to get out more and see what we are missing! Have a nice week!~Tam:D

travelbug said...

I really like those little Finch feeders and will have to search for one. I know I have Finches in my yard; I can hear their distinctive little sounds.

Susie Q said...

Just stunning photos!
I found my way here via Mary's blog and I have had such a delightful time. I bookmarked so I can return often!
Now I am off to read and see more!

Happy New year!


Mary said...

such lovely winter surprises! it's still really cold here, and gray, so your rose and moss and finches are very welcome. :)

Neabear said...

I need to get out and prune my roses too. My brother-in-law in Southern California has those types of feeders in their yard. Along with hummingbird feeders. The hummingbirds actually compete for feeding space at the feeders. A bossy one will shoo the other birds away from his feeder. Kind of a riot to watch.

spot said...

they look very like our green finches