Friday, October 12, 2007

Acorn Cottage

I haven't shown you my studio yet, have I? It started life as a shed in the backyard and boy was it ugly! We're still renovating it, but it should be done soon. The goal is to have a combination studio/guest house. I really need a place to spread out the current project and not worry about messing up the house. The sewing machine has always been a problem. Where in the world does one put that ugly but essential piece of machinery? And what about scrap booking? It seems to expand all over the house if I'm not careful. Where can I store of all the papers, photos, tools, bits and pieces? All this is presently in my bedroom, and hubby is starting to roll his eyes about it. My dream is to move it all to Acorn Cottage, cleverly stored but easily accessible. I want it to look like a tiny cottage, but be dedicated to craft projects. And if we have guests, it should be easy to store everything away in decorative boxes and built-in shelves. Then just pull out the bed, and Voila, a guest house. Won't it be great? I'll let you know how it's progressing here amongst the oaks.

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Martha said...

GASP! How cute is that little cottage???