Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I just love lavender. Humans have used it for thousands of years. It's been added to foods, medicines and perfumes. It's been used as an insecticide, disinfectant and washing aid. It's been enjoyed simply for its flowers and scent. Most English gardens grow lavender and mine is no different. We once stayed at a B&B in Avebury that had a classic lavender-lined walkway up to the front door. It was beautiful.
I made these little sachets over the weekend. They are filled with the leftover lavender flowers from my summer projects. I thought they'd be the perfect solution to hubby's insomnia since lavender is said to have sleep inducing properties. And they are a nice use for his grandmother's doilies that I've been saving for years. I simply laundered and ironed two tiny identical doilies, sewed almost all the way around leaving a 1" opening to put the lavender flowers in. After filling it with flowers, I sewed the opening closed. You can add a bow or other embellishment if you like.
I made sure that a sachet was near hubby's pillow last night, and this morning (with no prompting from me) hubby told me that he'd slept really, really well. Hmmmmm. Maybe you should make a lavender sachet for someone you know who doesn't sleep well.

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