Saturday, October 13, 2007

God Save the Queen

Recently we visited "Willingtown" and got a glimpse of the Queen. Not the present Queen, but Queen Elizabeth I. Everywhere she went there were crowds of adoring subjects. A commonly heard sentiment was "God Save The Queen!" How do you feel about the Queen? She's had some rough times over the years, but her subjects still seem to adore her. They seem to be endlessly fascinated by her and her family's daily activities. Her image is seen everywhere in England. It's on their money and stamps. There are books, dishes, postcards, pillows, tins, and teapots with her picture on them.Ok, I admit it, I've collected some Queen memorabilia too. I picked up this plate at an antique shop, then a couple more at a shop in London, then a mug at the Tower of London, then one mug was a gift, then another plate at a charity shop, then......hmmm, I guess I adore the Queen too.

"God Save the Queen!"

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PG said...

Hm, speaking as one of her reluctant subjects...yes there is fascination, (becasue people are nosey and prurient) but not necessarily adoration...I think over here general opinion is the Queen's ok, and most people want William to succeed. Because I think if they try to make Camilla any kind of queen it will not go down well at all...