Saturday, October 27, 2007


I promised I'd show you some of my dishes, so last night I played with table settings. These are my very first dishes ever; Noritake Parkridge. You know, the "wedding gift dishes". I remember going to Pardini's when I was only 18 and selecting these, wondering where and when and with whom these fancy dishes would ever be used. But here they are many meals and 34 years later, still loved and used.

These dishes, Spode's Tower Pink, belonged to Hubby's Nana. The whole family enjoys them, not only for their beauty, but for the stories associated with them. One favorite is when Nana was tired after dinner and asked her husband to wash up. He said, "Fine" and proceeded to throw all the dishes away, breaking several. That old school male chauvinist was never asked to wash up again! Luckily plates were found to replace the broken ones.

Here are the dishes I selected for our sailboat Tilly Whim. It was a beautiful 1947 Laurent Giles designed sloop that we lived aboard for a couple of years BC (before children). We painted it cream colored with green trim and mahogany cabins. These Mikasa Capistrano dishes looked lovely on the little table and proved to be tough enough to take the constant bashing. I still use them in the fall.

These are plain white with a little gold rim. They can be dressed up or down and are very versatile. Here they are dressed up for a fancy fall dinner. You saw them two weeks ago at the Oktoberfest dressed down for outdoor dining.

I got these Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz at an estate sale. My sister has some of these and I had always admired them, so when I saw them I snapped them up a quickly as I could;they were only $30.00. They have a few chips, but I don't mind. I especially like the square salad plates and little square cereal bowls. I think these will go in the guest house when it's finished.

These Noritake Grandeur came from an estate sale too. They are so delicate and beautiful I just couldn't pass them up. Alas, I don't have a full set and they are no longer manufactured, but they are available on Ebay.

I got these especially for my mother's birthday parties. Her birthday was February 14th and I always did pink and white with roses. I can't look at these dishes without thinking of my Mom.

These are my Christmas Eve/Boxing Day soup bowls. We always have a luminary party on Christmas Eve, and soup allows me to join in the festivities outdoors, so I got these at Target one year. I saw the plates there last week and I think I'll get those this year too. Oops, there goes my dishaholism again.

These are my everyday dishes from World Market. They have lots of colors so they look equally good on green, red or yellow tablecloths. We don't have any serving pieces though, so we use different platters. Which we collect. Too many of. Oops, there I go again! I'll have to show you those now, won't I?

If you've slogged all the way through this, I sincerely thank you. Aha! You must be a dishaholic too!


Mary said...

Hi Laurie, I've been scrolling through some of your old posts, and I see that we share a love of dishes. I have way too many, too! :)

gretchen said...

Hello from Maryland ... So glad to see someone else LOVES different sets of dishes as I do. There's something about a lovely table setting that reminds me of my childhood & visiting family. Growing up, we didn't have any relatives around so summers were always special since I spent the entire time with them which meant so many people around a table. Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful collection.