Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dressy Lampshade

I found this $5 lamp at the Alameda Antiques Faire. Perfect for the bedside, don't you think? Except it had no shade so I went to the crafts store and found this dressy little number, but it needed a little something more, so I found that trim and glued it all around the top and bottom. It's it positively dreamy now? I reminds me of a fancy party dress swirling at the ball.
The English are famous for this sort of juxtaposition. They continue to use old things, but dress them up as their budget allows. They have worn limestone floors covered with gorgeous Persian rugs. They have windows that haven't been painted in 200 years swathed in tasseled draperies. Authentic Chippendale beds cozy up to rough stone walls and Spode china is used on the breakfast table. The English also continue to use somewhat shabby treasures in everyday ways. I've seen Persian rugs and chintz chairs in the kitchen, dogs lying on beautiful antique sofas, and valuable busts used as hat racks.
Whether it's thrift or whimsy, we could all take this lesson from the English: if you have it and enjoy it, use it wherever you like. Now I think I'll get that old silver ice bucket out to use as a vase for a fall arrangement. I hope you use and enjoy your old treasures too.

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