Wednesday, October 17, 2007

California's Second Spring

We have an interesting phenomenon here in California's Central Valley. After summer's heat abates and we get a little rain the flowers start popping out again as if it were Spring. Look what I found in my garden this past week. This "Second Spring" usually lasts until about mid November when the first cold spell hits and the tender annuals are killed, but the roses can sometimes bloom into December. It's also a favorite time for planting everything from lawns to shrubs. It doesn't last long but isn't it nice while it lasts?

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Erica-Jane said...


I'm sooooo chuffed you like my mice, I'm so flattered!
I'm currently sewing away, so there will be lots more for you to look at soon :0)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll pop over and see you again soon,

best wishes!