Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The English are incurable collectors. Every traditional home has a shelf full of tea cups, teapots, books, plates, figurines, paperweights, or snuff boxes. A popular item during the Victorian era was something called a "Curiosity Cupboard" that held feathers, nests, shells, and odd souvenirs. I must have inherited that gene from my English ancestors, because I can hardly go on a walk without picking up something: a pine cone, a rock, a feather, a seed pod. And I love to add to my various collections when I travel. One of my first purchases in Paris was a mouse. Yes, I collect mice. (I'd love to collect some of these mice.) And I collect things with acorns and oak leaves, platters, cranberry glass vases, teapots, Queen plates, nautical items, and pitchers.

And I love dishes, I'm almost ashamed to say I have eight sets of dishes. I'll show them to you sometime soon. And we won't even talk about the books. (Does anyone know if there's a Bookaholics Anonymous?)

So what do you collect? I'd love to hear about it.


Carrie said...

I have lots of collections at Oak Rise Cottage. My posts share many of these.

Dreary Mouse said...

I love mice as well! :) If you'd like to see some of the ones I've made, you can see them on my blog or my Etsy shop. :)