Thursday, October 25, 2007

Creepy Stuff

We've put out a few more Halloween decorations. We prefer the realistic, creepy decorations rather than the colorful inflatable things that are popular now. So we have tombstones, spiders, rats, pots of fire, skulls and gargoyles. These pots of fire are actually orange lights shining up onto silky fabric shaped like flames. A little fan blows the fabric around and it looks just like flames. I wish I'd bought several, but I only have two. I think it looks wonderfully Medieval. We made these tombstone out of styrofoam. Ages ago when we had a wild Halloween party we made tombstones for many of the attendees. Mine said, "A Small Fortune Lies Buried Here" and had an X like on a pirate map. I wish I still had that one too.

Here's our front window. See the cat next to the Celtic tombstone? It's the most perfectly well behaved cat ever because it's fake. On Halloween night we'll put the Jacob's Ladder here. And what, you ask, is a Jacob's Ladder? It's a cool thing Hubby made out of an old transformer. Think shades of Frankenstein's laboratory. I'll show you that closer to Halloween.

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