Friday, February 8, 2008


I was looking at some old family photos today. These old photos are a great things to have. I feel like we know our ancestors a little better after studying them. Here are some of the Lord of the Manor's ancestors enjoying their first ice cream cone around 1900.

And here are my grand parents back in 1919. Look how tiny she was.
Here is another grandfather outside his log cabin with his prized possession.

I find genealogy very interesting and have created a few pages myself. The excellent parish records in Scotland make LOM's pretty easy to do. Mine is more difficult because my immigrant ancestors moved around a lot. But it's been years since I worked on it, so maybe with the increase of information on the internet, I should get back to it.

My dad recently gave me a family tree that my cousin has been working on. It says I'm related to English royalty. Yep, Catherine Howard, who lost her head at the Tower of London, was a distant cousin. Well, that's what it claims anyway. Ok, so maybe there are these two HUGE gaps. Like there is no real proof that the Matthew Arundel Howard that immigrated to Maryland in 1626 was actually the child of John Howard and Elizabeth Locke and born in Wardour Castle.

And further back, nobody REALLY knows if Lord Thomas Howard and Lady Margaret Douglas had any children together. See, she was the Henry VIII's granddaughter, and apparently the king didn't like Thomas and got a little miffed when he started wooing her. And so, like so many Howards before him, he lost his head at the White Tower. But I suppose Maggie COULD have been pregnant, and COULD have had a child, and COULD have secreted him away, and he COULD have grown up to be Sir Robert Howard of Brockdish.

Well, it's all very fascinating, but I don't think I'd better ring up the Queen for a cousinly chat just yet.
What does it really matter if your ancestors had titles? Does it make a difference now? I mean who really cares if we had Lords and Ladies and Knights and Dukes and Duchesses in our past. All I know is, I'm happy that I married the Lord of this Manor.


Inthemud said...

How fascinating!
Henry VIII has a very colourful history and many possible decendants, who knows could be....
love your old photos

Good to meet you

Zoƫ said...

Hi there Laura, thanks for the kind comment on my Blog, its great to get visitors.

Why don't you join up to PurpleCoo, there are lots people with different skills, artists, writers and so on from various different parts of the world?

I loved your blog about Sparta, and agree entirely with what you said about the unique sense of humour he used in creating it.

No doubt bump into you in cyberspace again!

Fennie said...

Hallo Laura, hanks for visiting my blog. Genealogy is so interesting isn't it, although when you do th maths you realise that everyone is related to everyone else several times over. You're just as likely to be my cousin as the Queen's. Perhaps that's why we both like Bohemian houses!

Mary said...

Hi Laura,
I've missed so many of your posts, and am just now catching up. Loved your bird photos, and the cat is so sweet! Loved your ancestor photos, too. Isn't it amazing to think of these people whose lives are connected to your own? That garden with the stone tablets is amazing -- thanks for sharing it!