Saturday, February 16, 2008

Signs of Spring

One of my favorite signs of spring is surely violets. I just love how they pop up so early. Whether it's cold, warm, wet, or dry, they dependably make a purple carpet every February. These violets were given to me many years ago by my dear old neighbor Lois. I was careful to dig them up and take them with us when we moved 11 years ago. She is gone now but every spring when they bloom I remember her fondly.

Another sure sign of spring is my English Home magazine with a decidious magnolia on the cover. I've always wanted one of them and they grow here quite well. Maybe this year.

The magazine has some lovely vignettes. This one showing a serene tidy kitchen with the morning sun slanting in is particularly appealing to me. It looks so clean and fresh.
And isn't this a cozy looking room?

And I love this peaceful sitting room with its view over the river. Positively dreamy.

And here is my sofa that I need in my living room. Bookbinding red with a scrummy fringe. Speaking of passementerie - has everyone had a chance to guess how many tassels I have? I'll give you until 6:00 tonight.

You can subscribe to English Home here in North America too.


Diane J Standiford said...

When people ask what my favorite flower is, I have to say tulips or daffodils (They want to give me some.)but truth is violets. Yet I can not tell this because I get potted African Violets, which I do not care for, nor the ones on your post. The violets I love covered MY yard in spring, in Indiana; and they are very small with white stems (as delicate as a blade of grass). I have never seen them anywhere else. NONE in Seattle. When picked, they will die within a day. My 101 year old Aunt Violet had one framed and mailed to me in Seattle from Indiana. I will cherish it always. (I love lilacs too, but those are free and plentiful in Washington State.)

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

I love The English Home. My mum always brings them back for me when she goes over. There is always something new and innovative that you just do not see in North American magazines.

Love your violets, I am yearning for colour and flowers with all our snow!

Lisa xo
Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


I have violets in my garden, but they never bloom like yours, yours are absolutely gorgeous, have they a lovely scent? x