Monday, February 18, 2008


It was 72degrees here yesterday. I was so inspired that I washed the kitchen windows. Look at that beautiful blue sky.

Nature is waking up. Green shoots are appearing and little creatures are stirring from their winter slumbers. I had the doors open and look at all the little mice that came in. They've made themselves quite at home on the mantel.

These two appear to be courting.

And this little group is so happy they're dancing.

These must be the parents; respectable and proper.

These children look like they are ready for Easter.

And look, this one has a new baby.

It looks like everyone is excited and busy except this little guy. Still sleeping in a pea pod. Not quite ready for spring. Which little mouse are you?


Mary said...

Your mice are adorable! We are going to hit 60 degrees today, but not really sunny. Oh well, it's a lot better than freezing rain!

have a wonderful week!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what a sweet collection..
I wish it were warm here.
an I see your hummer feeder out!!
I can't wait for that..just a couple more
months here.

Love your Blog...Deena

Rhondi said...

Me again Laura. I am having such fun reading all your posts! The little figurines are so precious. I don't know how I didn't find you before but I am glad I have and am going to add you to my list of favorites. I love everything English too! Rhondi