Sunday, February 17, 2008

100th Post Winner

Well, ladies, it was a nice little tea party, wasn't it?

Now, on to the tassel counting game.

After counting the tassels several times I have found that there are 78 tassels. So the winner is Jan at Rosemary Cottage with a guess of 79! Congratulations Jan. Now if you will just email me your address, we will get your prize in the post.

But I had two prizes and the second closest guess is Travelbug with 81. So you too must mail me your address to receive your prize.

And Karen, I guess it should be said, "Hi, my name is Laura and I have a problem....."

Speaking of problems, check out this beautiful plate I found a the consignment shop today. LOVE it. We actually went there to find a recliner (I can't believe I confessed that) for the Lord of the Manor. Everyone says after his surgery he won't be able to sleep in bed, but a recliner will work. Since we don't have a *shudder* recliner, we had to go buy one. I apologize to any recliner-lovers out there, but they are just so ugly! See what I mean? I sure hope he doesn't fall in love with this thing.


Pippajo said...

Oh what fun! Tassel counting! How did you ever manage to not lose count?

As for recliners, I am of your opinion, yet there is a rather shabby-looking one in my living room. Fortunately, it doesn't look overly recliner-like when it is in its upright position. But it IS in bad need of a slip cover. Great for when someone is sick, however. I hope you find (or found) just the right one.

Teacats said...

Ooooo -- I am SO excited!!! This is very first contest EVER (or anything else) that I've actually won!!!

Jan Siberry

I tried sending along the email at the end of the blog -- but it kept asking me for "My Friend's" address -- so sorry that I am such a idiot about such things -- but I could not figure out what it meant!!

Just email me at my place -- hope that works!!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage