Friday, February 1, 2008

Latest Acquisitions

I somehow managed to find my way into a few antique shops lately. I found this cute little rosey platter. Now why did I buy this? It doesn't match anything I have, but it could be the start of a collection, couldn't it? (Typical dishaholic logic!)

I got this cute plate the other day. It has acorns all around the edge. It fits in well with my oak and acorn theme. My sister has one and I thought it was so nice I just had to find one too.

I also found one of these vintage glitter houses. It needs a little repair, but it gives me the inspiration to make my own for next Christmas. Maybe an entire village of little houses and a church and some shops. Oh, I can just see it.

Teen2 also acquired something this week. An award for drafting. Four months ago when she was put in this class she was mighty upset, but she stuck with it and look at her now! Good job Teen2.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Love that transferware plate - I would go great in my growing collection. Raleigh is known as The City of Oaks so must look for one.