Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Camellia blossoms

Here is another early bloomer - Camellia japonica. Some varieties bloom as early as December so they get the stage all to themselves which guarantees attention. As a child I often took them to my teachers. I think that and the roses I brought later in the year pretty much got me my good grades.

Camellias look so clean, fresh and elegant, don't they? At BIL's house Sunday night, SIL had several floating in a pretty glass bowl in the center of the table. A perfectly beautiful way to display them.

Camellias seem to be quite happy here in our heavy clay soil beneath our oaks. All over town I see them blooming in shades of red, coral, pink and white. Are the camellias blooming in your town?

Posted by Laura whilst enjoying the camellias Amongst The Oaks.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Now I'm really ready for Spring!

travelbug said...

Returned from a trip late Sunday evening to find my prize package waiting. THANK YOU!! The "Paris" letters are so lovely; now if I can find a spot worthy enough.


PS Glad to hear LOM is mending well; I hope he continues to do so.

Amongst The Oaks said...

You're welcome! I expect to see your new blog soon. Hint, hint.

Diane J Standiford said...

I got a whiff---ahhh. I bet you DID get good grades!

Rechelle said...

Beautiful blog Laura! I'll be back

Teacats said...


You darling girl!! The package with your wonderful "Dream" banner; the gorgeous Wallwords banner and the precious toile heart has arrived!!! I am SO excited -- just giddy! I am sending along photos with an email directly to you!

Many many thanks for such kindess!!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage !!

spot said...

Hi Laura

thanks for the hugs. Spot suspects you are living away from home. The camellia photos are stunning, and just like the camellias outside his home

love Spot


Camellias are lovely, I don't have room for one in my garden, but I do love to look at others. On close inspection the flowers are just amazing. x

Mary said...

Oh, these are so lovely! Thanks for sharing them! I used to bring daisies cut from the fields around our house to my teachers. It never hurts to make someone feel special, does it?