Thursday, February 21, 2008

Surgery Update

The Lord of the Manor had his surgery yesterday and everything went fine. He is resting on his tatty old recliner. Taking his pain meds. Watching the telly. What else can he do?

He is using this cooling device that is pretty clever. It runs chilled water through a sleeve type thing that is velcroed over his shoulder. No drippy ice bags to mess with and it keeps him from wandering around. He went out to look at the eclipse though. I took some photos using the tripod and the timer and everything, but they're still a little blurry. So here we are, waiting for brighter days Amongst The Oaks.


Anonymous said...

Poor LOM! I am glad he has a "new" recliner in which to recuperate in comfort. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and will be back to moving his arm pain-free in due time.
Hugs, Karen

Mary said...

Your eclipse photo is terrific! Hope your husband is feeling better soon. I'm sure it's no fun for him, and it probably isn't much better for you, either. :)