Monday, March 30, 2009

Field Trip

click on photo to enlarge I know you are probably getting bored with this wisteria thing, but we just had to go visit the giant vine again over the weekend. Teen2 went with us this time and I had her stand next to the tree to give the photo some scale. Awesome, eh?

This little branchlet was covered in lichens, yet held several blooms. So old, yet so vibrant.

We also stopped and looked at the cherry trees. The trees are in full bloom right now and look like they are covered with popcorn. So pretty.

And the bees were busy helping the farmers.

Cherries are a large an profitable crop here. Just look at the amount of flowers on each branch. Now wonder we often get three and four cherries in a bunch. I can hardly wait.


Neabear said...

I am not tired or bored of the wisteria thing. I think it is amazing. Have your daughter stand there really does give us an idea of just how big that tree is. Wow!! Very impressive! You are helping to make that wisteria famous. Heehee.

Blondie's Journal said...

That tree with the wisteria climbing it is humongous!! And no, I will never get tired of your wisteria!! My husband was up at the lake and he thinks one of my plants may be dead. It wasn't looking good at the end of fall. I have my fingers crossed.

I absolutely can't wait for summer cherries. I can make myself ill eating so many! LOL