Monday, March 16, 2009

Bird Whisperer

Black Phoebe gathereing mud for its nest
We had quite a busy weekend here Amongst The Oaks, birdwise. It started Saturday morning with the Lord of the Manor calling me into the cottage to help get a bird out. It was a Black Phoebe, like the ones I showed you before. How it got into the cottage is a mystery, but it was perched on a widow frame confused by the magic of glass. LOM approached it to open the window and it flew to another window. Then it flew towards me and another window, so when it perched there I carefully caught it in my hands! Holding a tiny terrified wild bird in your bare hands is humbling. Just a few steps and we were outside where I slowly opened my hands and off it went. I was sending it love the whole time even though they are building their nest on my front porch again and slinging mud everywhere.

Anna's hummingbird on its nest
Sunday morning I went for my usual walk. I've showed you that route, haven't I? My timing apparently was perfect, because I saw lots of birds. The first bird that caught my attention was a hummingbird. It was acting protective, so I stopped and stood still whilst it calmed down. Then it finally zoomed to its tiny nest and settled down. Two years ago we had a hummingbird nesting in a shrub in our backyard and we were able to get some really good photos. But back to my walk. In that same tree I also found two Bushtit nests, but I couldn't get a photo of the birds. They are so nervous and quick. Their nest is like a sock hanging from the branches with a hole at the top for access. This nest has lots of moss in it giving it a pretty green color.
Bushtit nest in pine tree

Oak Titmouse
Yesterday afternoon I was out in the back garden enjoying the sunshine when an Oak Titmouse fluttered to the grass. It seemed to be in distress; absolutely still, on the ground, beak open almost panting. So I crept over to it and got some great photos, all the while doing my bird whisperer thing, you know, talking soothingly and sending it love. It let me get within two feet! After about five minutes it gathered its wits and flew to a chair, then to the cottage roof, and finally back to the oak tree. I wonder what happened but I'm glad I was there to share the moment.
So that was my weekend birdwise. You tell me; am I a Bird Whisperer or just a birdbrain?


Neabear said...

I think you are a Bird Whisperer. That was amazing you were able to catch that bird and get it outside. You get beautiful shots on your walks.

becky up the hill said...

I love your bird stories. I live in the foothills of the central Sierra's, so we have many birds in common. Last year we had a pair of bushtits makes a nest in my autumn blooming Clematis. As much as I loved that beautiful nest, I was glad when they abandoned it, as it was a hop and a jump to kitty cats. Re: your Black Phoebe, oh dear. We had a pair nest above our bedroom window. I was so excited at first, the reality is they sling more then mud. lol. I truly enjoy your blogs. I've never had humming bird nests that I could watch. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

you are a birder!!! i love birding. and do it where i can. i love your photos and to hear your experiences. i have held hummers in my hand. their little feet cling to my crinkled palms as i carry them through the house to the outdoors. it IS humbling to carry one. such a delightful experience! jkj

Joycee said...

Oh thank the stars I found your blog at one of my favorites (Onceuponabluemooniris)when I was leaving a comment. Love your posts and the glorious bird pictures. Come visit me and my birdies at

SweetAnnee said...

What a GREAT walk you had.. Wish I'd been with you..
I have never had a hummer nest to watch either.. I know they have one close each year...but can't find the nest.