Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Here is my oldest sister back in the 1950s. It's her birthday today and I know she reads my blog, so let's all wish her a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Sister! I love you.


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday, Laura's sister.

I have definitely sported the same fashion style in my past. Weren't we something with our matching ensembles?

travelbug said...

What a lovely greeting to find first thing this morning! Thank you so much and I love you, too, baby sister! :-) XO

travelbug said...
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Janet said...

Happy Birthday Travelbug. I certainly would have coveted that outfit back,not so much, lol.

Janet who had the same glasses

dana said...

I think she looked cute. I did, too, when I sported a similar ensemble. I didn't have the umbrella--rats. That makes the outfit, too! Oh, well.

Happy Birthday to Laura's Big Sis! ;-)