Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bee Report

Remember last month when I showed the bee hive tragedy? I walked by there this morning and took this photo. They seem to be rebuilding. The comb looks a bit longer in some places, and there are definitely bees on the hive. Hooray for the bees!

Now about the mystery photo. Remember back on June 1st when I was gazing out my window and saw the lovely white flower that started the whole "White Flower Challenge"? That's what the mystery photo is; a petal from a magnolia flower.

When they first fall they look like this.

Then after a day in the heat they look like this.

Thanks for playing. I'll try to have another mystery photo for next Monday.


Tammy said...

I would have never guessed!
A great mystery!☼

KtFu~ said...

WOOO! I got it I got it! xD


Dana said...

You win!!!! I had no clue!!! I thought for awhile it might be the sole of a Croc shoe, but then you said "vegetable", so I quickly ruled out "clothing"!! :-) However, I was stumped---SO I GAVE UP!! Yes, I was a quitter.

Walled Garden said...

I have just noticed your comment. Thank you very much. I shall explore your blog and shall take part in your photographic challenges.
I always feel so thrilled by the communication that occurs through blogging.

the homely year said...

It's great that the bees are rebuilding their hive...we need all the bees we have as they seem to be under threat nowadays.
Margaret and Noreen

Beverly said...

Good for the bees. I'm so glad they are rebuilding.

Wow, a magnolia petal. I would never have guessed that, but now that you say it ...