Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Temporary Solution

Do you remember these chaise lounges I snatched up at a yard sale? Well, the cushions were all grungy, but I can't afford new ones, so I found a temporary solution.

We had an August Birthdays party over the weekend and I wanted to hide the old cushions, so I went to my linen closet looking for something to cover them; maybe quilts, or blankets? And I found some twin sheets with flowers. I'd forgotten I even had them, but what a nice surprise. And the colors even matched the chairs.

So I just popped them onto the cushions, pinned them on the back, and Voila! new cushion covers. And Salsa gave them her bark of approval.

Now, about yesterday's Mystery Photo. HorseWoman wins because she guessed a pear! It was a photo of one of the pears she brought me on Sunday. Isn't it beautiful?


dana said...

Congrats to HorseWoman for correctly guessing the item SHE gave to you! hmmmmmm.....a little inside knowledge!!!! Anyway, it was a great photo and a fun thing to think about.

Love your idea of twin sheets for your lounge chairs. It looks like your sweet poochie loves the look, too!

Amongst The Oaks said...

That's TravelBug's dog, Salsa. They were all here for the August Birthdays party. We have lots of family birthdays in August, including my sweet Teen2, who turned 15.

Beverly said...

A pear! Now that you've told us, of course it is a pear. Why didn't I think of that? ;-)

Mary said...

Ooo, love your chaises!

Barbara said...

A nice make-over for the loungers.
Not so keenon the bugs though.