Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spooky Project

I've been thinking about Halloween lately and actually started a project. First I found a spooky letter style on the Internet. I printed it out and transferred the letters I needed to thick card stock. Then I cut them out with an X-acto knife. That was the hard part because they are so wiggly/random. Then I punched some holes and painted them black.

Then yesterday I got some black glitter and started that messy process. Here is how they look so far. Aren't they cute? I should have them done soon and I'll show you the finished banner eventually.

I thought I was getting a jump on Halloween, but after going to the craft store yesterday, I realize I'm already way behind because Christmas stuff is already on the shelves! Awk! I refuse to think about it yet. I just can't get into Christmas when it's still 100 degrees here Amongst The Oaks.


Gypsy aka Tam said...

What a cool project. Hmmm...maybe I'll try that one, sure looks fun. I'm also already thinking about my Halloween and Fall decorations but as of yet it's still all in my head. Christmas decorating is not on my mind yet, however I am about half way through the Christmas shopping and plan on being done this year with purchasing and wrapping prior to Thanksgiving.
Have a wonderful day,

dana said...

Hi Laura: Do you recall the site where you found those letters?

Your final project looks great.