Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Bugging Me

Living Amongst The Oaks we naturally have lots of bugs in our garden. I nearly sat on this little guy the other day. He blended with the red chair so well I almost didn't see him. I didn't know they could turn red, has anyone else ever seen this? We see praying mantis here often and sometimes are lucky enough to find an egg case and watch the babies hatch. They are a good bug because of all the flies they eat, so they are always welcome here.

I took a little rest outside last night after dark and I could hear katydids and crickets chirping. We seldom see either of them, but they make a beautiful chorus in the night. We also enjoy bees, butterflies and spiders in our garden because of the good work they do. Some folks actually have a bug service come once a month and spray poison to kill spiders. What are they thinking? Spiders also eat lots of flies, moths, and nasties; why kill them?

Some of the bugs I could do without are mosquitos, flies, and cockroaches, but I try not to use poison, so I swat, smash and stomp them, but they always return. They must have some purpose I can't see, and I know I'll never win, but I keep swatting anyway. Why can't they all be like this little guy?

So what's bugging you lately?


dana said...

Do they change their color to blend in with their surroundings like other critters and creatures do? I've never seen a red one either. Maybe the one on your chair just didn't use sunscreen! ;-)
A great photo, Laura.

becky up the hill said...

They do indeed change color. I've only seen shades of green and brown tho, never red! I welcome these bugs to my garden, only I really don't like them, kinda creepy. Nice pix!

Anonymous said...

wow! good snaps of the bugworld. a tad intimidating, but ... i don't think we have your bug in my neck of the woods, but we do have lots of black widow spiders, that get pretty darn big. usually i just get their sticky webs all over myself telling me of their presence. they don't change color, the black/red hourglass shows up to warn all away. jkj

Beverly said...

We have been (and still are) deluged by mosquitoes. Nasty little boogers.