Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Evelyn, Sweet Evelyn

For the 28th day of my Rose Challenge I am sharing one of my favorites: Evelyn. Evelyn is a David Austin rose and is not only beautiful, but delightfully fragrant. I didn't realize how big it would get and it shoots out several tall canes every year which I cut back, but I'm thinking it could be trained more successfully into a pillar shape. Obviously it's quite hardy here in my hot climate. Because of its fragrance, the flowers make a wonderful bouquet.
Thank you Evelyn for brightening my day here Amongst The Oaks.


Mary said...

She is a real beauty. Factor in scent and she is a real winner.

sue said...

OMG, these roses are luscious! Such a soft, gorgeous color, and so full! I'll have to watch and see what you say about your roses. We have several types of roses, but we don't know a darned thing about what we're doing, honestly! LOL

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Your photos here are beautiful. And deep-fried asparagus--how good does THAT sound!?

Abby Lanes said...

Those roses are simply divine! You are a master gardener my dear!

tam said...

Evelyn is such a beautiful rose-the color is so delicate-love it! Lucky you to have such gorgeous flowers in your garden! Do you ever make popouri with them? I would like to learn how to do that.~Smiles~Tam!

Martha said...

This is my favorite of all of your roses, I think. Those petals are AMAZING. Amazing!