Thursday, April 30, 2009

Melody Parfume and the Rose Challenge Finale

Starting with the top row, left to right
Climbing All Ablaze, Mandarin Sunblaze Mini, Perfect Moment, Joseph's Coat, Golden Showers.
Olé, Ingrid Bergman, Austrian Copper, New Year, Golden Celebrity.
Gertrude Jekyll, Climbing America, Playboy, Evelyn, Lady Banks.
Wild Rose, Monet, Betty Boop, Double Delight, Julia Child.
Melody Parfume, Tiffany, Chicago Peace, Johann Struass, Peace.
Angel Face, Unknown, Scepter'd Isle, Cecile Brunner, Class Act.
Today is the last day of my Rose Challenge and to celebrate I made a mosaic of all thirty roses. When I started this challenge on April 1st, only a few roses were open, but now they are in their glory here in California's Central Valley and it's easy to find them everywhere. I've shown you roses from my garden, from my Dad's garden, from the public garden at Victory Park, roses from the University, and roses from random stranger's gardens. I've carried my camera everywhere I go; back and forth to work, on Day's Out, and even on walks. I've enjoyed the challenge immensely, and I hope you have too. Thank you for joining me on my little journey.


Today's rose is Melody Parfume. It is called the headache rose here Amongst The Oaks because the Lord of the Manor bought it one day just after having his first migraine headache. Luckily he has no more headaches, but the rose is doing fine and the nickname stuck.

It's a pretty almost lavender color and has a great scent. It makes a vigorous shrub that is hard to keep less than 6' tall. And the flowers make a nicely scented long lasting bouquet. I think it might be LOM's favorite rose.


Roses have been cultivated for thousands of years and it's easy to see why. Not only do they have varied and beautiful flowers with a wonderful scent, but they are easy to grow and fill a wide variety of landscape needs. I hope I've inspired you to plant a rose or two in your garden. You won't be disappointed.


Joycee said...

What an inspiring post! All of the roses are just beautiful. I want to plant a climber for an arbor this year, is there an old proven one that will be easy for me?
joy c. at grannymountain

Neabear said...

I have so enjoyed your roses. As I said before your photography has inspired me tremendously. Thank you so much for all the posts about the roses. I learned the names of many I did not know.

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty array of rose photos. The colors are divine. Nicely put together. Thanks for sharing with us.
Now if we only could have smelled them too...
Karen xo

Abby said...


Bishop Stone said...

Your roses are so nice. I still battle to grow roses at our house. The possums love them as much as me but for different reasons, so any flowers are well cherished at my place.