Friday, April 24, 2009

Gertrude Jekyll and A Bug

Today's rose is Gertrude Jekyll, a David Austin rose. Some think it's the finest David Austin rose available with it's intoxicating scent and pure pink blossoms, but others think it growth habits and disease resistance are poor. I have had mine for several years and it seems to be doing ok, but I do have trouble understanding its pruning needs.
The buds start small and yet produce many cup shaped petals in a classic old rose shape. And the color is a perfect clear pink with a wonderful scent. I haven't found it to have health issues, but the aphids do seem to love it.

I also found this guy and some of his cousins on my roses yesterday. Does anyone know what he is and what he eats? If he eats aphids, I'm liking him. But if he eats roses, I'm thinking maybe I need to squash him and all his cousins. Exciting here Amongst The Oaks, isn't it?

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Mary said...

I love the fragrance of the "old" roses. This one's a beauty.