Friday, April 17, 2009

Rose Challenge - Peace

Today on this 17th day of my Rose Challenge, I bring you Peace. This hybrid tea was developed by Francis Meilland during World War II. Just before the German invasion he sent cuttings to friends in Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the United States. The Conard Pyle Co. developed the rose and then introduced it to the world on April 29, 1945, also the day Berlin fell.

It is one of the finest hybrids ever grown and still quite popular. The bush has large, glossy, dark green leaves and is resistant to disease. The flowers are beautiful and huge, making it a worthy addition to any garden.


Anonymous said...

Is this the PS-post or am I too early?? Well, who cares, it's beautiful and it's PINK...Thanks for sharing!

Happy Pink Saturday! X Es X

Neabear said...

Yep, looks like our Peace rose.

Anonymous said...

Just read this post and want to thank you for the great pictures.
My dad was an ardent rose grower and was just beginning to show his prizes when he passed away. My last birthday gift from him was a Huge bouquet of Peace Roses. He did not pass on his gift to me so pictures are the way I can remember his "loves".