Monday, April 13, 2009

Rose Challenge - Double Delight

Today's rose is the Queen of my Garden: Double Delight. It is undoubtedly my favorite rose. Not only is it beautiful and highly fragrant, but it is easy to grow and it blooms all summer. The flower above is one of the first blooms of the season, but the plants (I have 5) are loaded with buds, so I should have a spectacular bouquet soon.

I just wish you could all stick your nose right in this flower and enjoy the scent too, because it is fabulous!


Mary said...

I'm a fool for fragrant roses. I wish more of the gorgeous new roses had been bred with scent. This rose is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

such an amazing rose. we have had these ever since we moved to california in 85. love them!!! jkj

Neabear said...

Another fragrant rose is the Graham Thomas, or is it Thomas Graham. I forget the name exactly, but it is a gorgeous yellow rose with a yummy scent.