Thursday, July 31, 2008

the Dusty Trail

One of our activities whilst a Lake Tahoe was a trail ride. My sister and my niece ride, so they felt right at home and got good horses. However, I don't ride so I got a plod-along gelding names Abbio. He just followed the horse in front of him, so I didn't even have to hold the reins, which made it easy to take photos.

Teen2's horse was even worse. Old Sundance kept stopping to nibble grass causing Teen2 great frustration. My sister traded with her about midway and things got better. Thanks, sister.

Here is the whole gang: my sister, my niece, Teen1, Teen2, and me. We had a nice time walking quietly through the forest, enjoying the pretty scenery and the fresh air, but I have to tell you; it was a little dusty back there at the tail end of the pack.


Anonymous said...

at least you got the horse that wanted to walk along behind the others. i'm a rider and i got the one that didn't want to be out of the barn. it was not fun, but it was dusty!! lol. i'm glad you have those great memories and laughs for nights reminiscing. keep on posting! jkj

Beverly said...

It looks like a great adventure. I've never been on a horse, but it must be wonderful.