Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heat Related Tragedy

Scores of valuable members of our community Here Amongst The Oaks lost their lives Tuesday night when their home melted in the 105 degree heat. I found these remains this morning on my walk. Several survivors were salvaging what they could, but it was a horrible tragedy for the entire hive.

Above (sorry for the rubbish photo) you can see where the hive was and below you can see how it looked last November. I do hope they can rebuild it. Bees play such an important part in our world; it's a shame to see this loss.

P.S. I walked today; 3279 steps.


Dana said...

I was so saddened to see what happened to the hive---I guess I had no idea a hive could melt, but then again, why not? Just never thought of it. That's why you are one of my favs--you always share items and happenings from your surroundings. You are, indeed, a very interesting blogger. Thank you for expanding my horizons. (you certainly do deserve the award!)

Beverly said...

That is so sad. Let us know if you see them rebuilding in the same location.

Morning said...

Poor bees -- an amazing sight to see, however. Hope they return.

Tara said...

Yikes! What a phenomenon! Glad to sese you are stepping...I am too (begrudgingly!!)


jennwa said...

What amazing but sad pictures. You are so right about how important the bees are to us. I hope they can rebuild too. Thanks for sharing that.